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Selenium Introduction

Olufemi Ade-OlusileOlufemi Ade-Olusile

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Selenium is a suite of tools used to automate web applications through a browser. This suite of tools can be integrated with other third party tools, programming languages and test frameworks. In this training, we will cover all essential areas of Selenium and how we can utilize it for Software Testing Selenium Logo

The different parts of Selenium which will be covered are Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid and Selenium Automation frameworks.


Selenium IDE: Selenium Integrated Development Environment (Selenium IDE) is one of the simplest open source record and play back automation test tool, which was released as a Mozilla Firefox add-on. With little or no programming skills, a user can use this tool to run automated tests on web applications. A user with little JavaScript or HTML can create, and alter numerous test scripts via the Selenium IDE.  seleniumIDE

Due to the simplicity of this tool, our training will not go in depth into Selenium IDE. We will learn the basics and how we can use it to locate elements on browsers.


Selenium WebDriver: Unlike Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver is a collection of language specific bindings that makes direct calls to the Web browser. In other words, Selenium WebDriver is a tool that drives the browser. Selenium WebDriver is an extended version of Selenium RC, which has been officially deprecated. A user, will need to have a fair amount of programming skills to work with Selenium. If you do not possess any programming skills, I suggest you look into my Java tutorial for some understanding of Java before going ahead with this tutorial.

Due to the complexity of WebDriver, our training will go in depth into different areas and utilization of WebDriver. 

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“My name is Olufemi Ade-Olusile, and I am a Software Developer in Test. I am the owner of "Test diary" which is aimed at inspiring and teaching software testers.

  • Nugalanumo Timex Pekene (PMP)

    Is selinium what we can use to optimize our website on the search machines? if no, please explain.